TUTORIAL: The 8 most effective BJJ moves in a street fight

By EVOLVE MMA - March 29, 2018

This video was first published on Evolve Vacation.

Most people want to learn how to kick serious butt in a street fight. They take up some form of striking art like boxing or Muay Thai. Little do people actually know however, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the king of martial arts when it comes to street fights.

Let’s take a look at eight of the most effective BJJ moves in a street fight.

1) Double leg takedown

The powerful effect and impact caused by the double leg takedown will be enough to get your foe to the ground, which is exactly where you want him.

2) Technical standup

The technical standup neutralizes any attack, allowing you to place your weight on your rear right foot, which puts you in optimal position to fight or run.

3) Maintaining the mount

If you manage to take your opponent down, and you want to control him in the mount, knowing how to maintain the mount is important.

4) Escaping the mount

Remember your mount escapes and get yourself out of there! It could end up saving your life.

5) Back control

If you didn’t know this already, securing back control is one of the most advantageous positions in any fight.

6) Rear naked choke

The rear naked choke is the most effective choke in a street fight.

7) Guillotine choke

The great thing about a guillotine choke is that it can be performed in many positions, including a standing position.

8) Clinching

By tying opponents up and controlling them in the clinch, it is easier to launch your own attacks as well as prevent further damage.

These are the 8 most effective BJJ moves in a street fight

These techniques gives you the ability to add to and enhance your mixed martial arts weaponry, including improving your defense. Practice makes perfect, so give it a try and make sure you pay attention to proper technique!

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