Gordon Ryan explains why he slapped Andre Galvao backstage following his submission win on Friday

By Adam Martin - February 28, 2021

Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Gordon Ryan explained why he slapped grappling rival Andre Galvao following his recent submission win.

Gordon Ryan

Ryan was seen on video slapping Galvao on Friday following his submission factory over at the “Who’s Number One?” event. Ryan had defeated Roberto Jimenez earlier in the night, where he defeated Jimenez via submission (mounted armbar). Afterward, Ryan ran into Galvao backstage and slapped his rival in the face. Video of the event was captured and put on the internet and led to an even more heated rivalry between the BJJ stars.

“Ok, talk. I’m getting ready to do an interview. Sorry, the athletes have to do interviews after fights. Maybe if you fought you’d have to do interviews. I’m acting like a little kid? Yeah, that’s right. I went to shake your hand, you flipped me off. Because that’s what you do after a competition. You flipped me off. Then you came up to me and pushed me and called me a pushy, and I smacked you in your f*cking mouth hand you walked away from me. So back the fuck up, go away, and let me do my interview. Let me do my interview. Walk away. Be respectful,” Ryan said.

Ryan and Galvao are two of the biggest names of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu circuit and so a match between them makes sense at some point in the near future, particularly following this recent event captured on video. Ryan is currently scheduled to fight Vager Rocha next month in a match against a former UFC veteran, so he is currently busy with that, but perhaps there is a way to book a grappling match between them before the year’s end.

Do you think we will see Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao settle their score on the mats sometime soon?

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