VIDEO | Lyoto Machida shocked some with a loud yell after staredown with Derek Brunson

By Russell Ess - October 26, 2017

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida is set to return to competition after over two years since last fighting in the Octagon. Machida is coming off an 18-month suspension after admitting the use of the banned substance 7-Keto-DHEA. Machida claimed that he did not know that the pills he bought over the counter contained anything on the banned substance list.

Derek Brunson Lyoto Machida

With a return to the Octagon set for UFC Fight Night 119 on October 28 in Sao Paulo, Brazil against Derek Brunson, Machida was pumped up during their staredown on Thursday. After the two faced each other in front of the media, Machida and Brunson turned to the audience and Machida let out a big yell that shocked some in attendance.

Derek Brunson Lyoto Machida

When asked by MMA Fighting on why he let out the roar, Machida said he was just feeling it.

“It’s an energy, you know? I came from karate man and in karate, you yell all the time,” explained Machida. “So, I think when you have a good energy, you have to express that energy. The energy that I expressed was like that.”

Machida went on to talk about the long time off and what Brunson can expect come fight night.

“He’s gonna expect the best Lyoto,” said the former champion. “I’m going to put good energy into this fight and I’m going to put everything.”

How do you see the middleweight fight playing out between Lyoto Machida and Derek Brunson? Let’s get your predictions in the comment section on how and when the fight ends!

on 10/26/2017.

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