VIDEO | Fighter attacked when referee fails to stop fight after putting opponent to sleep

By Russell Ess - September 26, 2017

Referees have a tough job and they are heavily scrutinized if their judgment appears to be off. However, they are the only ones that are in right along with the fighters in the ring or cage and most times have the best sense as to what’s happening during competition.

However, referees are only human and in some cases their point of view can be at a bad angle or miss some things that happen during a quick flurry or exchange.

In this video from the Capanema Fight Combat event in Brazil that took place over the weekend, you can be the judge in this case as the referee checks on Caio Robson Silva who was being held in a tight guillotine choke by Silmar Nunes.

Caio Robson Silva Silmar Nunes

The ref checks if Silva was still conscious and it appears Silva body does not respond and things take a violent turn when a member from Silva’s corner jumps into the cage and starts pummeling Nunes who was still holding the choke. The ref does not do a very convincing job of stopping the cornerman from attacking Nunes. Even after the violent exchange from the cornerman, Nunes immediately gets up and tends to his unconscious opponent to check on him.

Nunes posted the clip of the fight on Instagram and included a reaction to the incident.

“P.S: If you don’t tap you’ll go to sleep,” Nunes wrote in the caption (translated by MMA Junkie). “Another win, thank God, I was assaulted at the end of the fight, but everything went OK.”

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on 9/26/2017.

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