VIDEO | Derrick Lewis Has Been Too Hurt to Follow Through on His Sexual Promises After UFC Austin

By Justin Golightly - February 21, 2018

After Derrick Lewis finished his fight with Marcin Tybura in spectacular fashion, we knew we were in store for a wild and crazy post-fight interview. The UFC actually thought it was so risque that they put and edited version of it on their YouTube channel, but as all know what happened in regards to his comments about his plans for his wife April back home. Turns out though, his big game backfired and he hasn’t been able to well, ‘perform’ since his big finish at UFC Austin. He’s been too hurt, especially with his fourth metacarpal fracture.

Derrick Lewis

“Man, I’m still hurting right now. We still ain’t do nothing. My hand broken, look. My hand broke. Yeah [I broke it when I hit him with] the first punch. When I first dropped him. I hit his elbow too, so that’s what happened. I hit the tip of his elbow. I don’t got it in me [to make love], man. I’m hurting. I gotta put in a good performance, man. I can’t put in a half-assed performance and lay there like a starfish.” — Derrick Lewis speaking to TMZ Sports.

What makes things worse, April actually had a ‘booty ban’ in affect after Derrick Lewis’ continued comments on Ronda Rousey that was recently lifted. At the time of the interview, she actually tried to get the fourth round out of him all day but he was just hasn’t been able to answer the bell. We hope he’s able to end the dry spell soon, but by the looks of his swollen mitt of a hand he showed during the interview, it could be a little while.


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