VIDEO | Dana White talks Mayweather vs. McGregor and President Donald Trump

By Russell Ess - March 21, 2017

Dana White

UFC President Dana White is a busy man and was on his way to catch a flight out of LAX on Monday. X17 Online caught up with White and was able to get a quick interview with the UFC boss on the latest regarding the much-talked about Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing match, as well his latest take on President Donald Trump.

White was asked if he thinks the fight between Mayweather and McGregor is actually going to happen.

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

“I do,” said Dana White.

When asked for his idea on the date, White said he was not sure.

“Probably not for a while but I believe it will happen,” White continued. “There is too much money involved to not happen.”

The representative interviewing White said that he does not think McGregor can win the fight and the UFC President said, “The great thing about fights is you never know who is going to win. Believe me, there is a lot of weekends that we put on fights and I don’t think people are gonna win and they do. It’s the crazy thing about the fight business. I mean, if it was guaranteed that Floyd was going to win this fight, why would you pay for it? There’s no guarantees. Conor is 27. Floyd is 40. Conor is the bigger stronger guy. He’s got knockout power, you know? It’s an interesting fight.”

On to another hot topic, White was asked what his latest thoughts were on President Trump.

UFC president

“Well, obviously, I spoke at the RNC, so I was a huge supporter,” White said. “Listen, everybody needs to give ’em a chance and I can tell you this, I got 15 years, 17 years experience with this guy — always been good to me, always been a stand-up guy and give him a chance and let’s see what happens.”

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on 3/21/2017.

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