MMA community reacts to Donald Trump being elected President

By Russell Ess - November 9, 2016

The 45th President of the United States of America was voted on by the people of the country on Tuesday. Late Tuesday, early Wednesday depending on where you were in the states, Trump gave his victory speech where he stated that Hillary Clinton called him to concede the race.

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Members of the MMA community have reacted in different ways. Some with humor, some in disbelief, and others in pure joy.

Urijah Faber first took a humorous approach.

She's right!

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April fools Merica! This election is just a big Saturday Night Live skit.

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Faber then said, “Alright America the People have spoken. Lets all kiss and make up. #Democracy #onenation #unitedwestand I feel so lucky to live in USA regardless of who the Commander in Chief is.”

Former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski said, “Haha , post from Russia …………. God bless America . To all the cunts who unfollowed me and wrote those nasty comments it looks like I was right. So now, you bitches can kiss my Belorussian ass ….. #AndreiArlovski #iwasright #DonaldTrump #makeamericagreatagain #PresidentTrump

Alistair Overeem said, “Congrats USA with your new president! #trump”

Congrats USA with your new president! #trump

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UFC commentator Joe Rogan had a bit to say about Donald Trump’s victory on Instagram.

“Wait, what…”

Wait, what…

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Rogan also posted a quote from Hunter S. Thompson that read: “America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.”

“Rogan captioned his post, “Boy do I wish he was alive to see this. #freakparty”

Boy do I wish he was alive to see this. #freakparty

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Kenny Florian tweeted, “At least those people that didn’t vote are now going to realize that after all of this their vote ACTUALLY matters.” “Time to stop feeling like I’m in an episode of “Black Mirror”. Complaining on social media does nothing. Physical action = real change.” “What?! My tweets, reading & watching the news from my couch didn’t help me influence change in the world?! 😱”

Rose Namajunas said, “So tired of people expecting others to make things better for us time to think of other ways to make change ourselves! Looking forward to our journey with @earthship hopefully this idea spreads”

Forrest Griffin said, “Surprise Mother fuckers”

Anthony Johnson said, “Rumble told me that since he’s the next president that he wants this photo on the next Rumble Dollar Bill
Go and follow @rumbletimefrenchies”

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What are your thoughts on the Presidential election? Let’s take this one to the comments!

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