VIDEO | Dana White: Jon Jones is going to end up probably being suspended for a very long time

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently going through the process of his latest potential anti-doping violation.

In August, news broke that Jones tested positive for the steroid Turinabol from his UFC 214 weigh-in day sample and has been going through the due process with USADA and the California State Athletic Commission ever since.

Jon Jones

UFC President Dana White recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and was asked if he thinks the punishment should be harsher for those caught taking banned substances.

“Yeah, I don’t disagree with that but USADA handles that,” said White. “We don’t. We’re out of that business. We leave it to the professionals. But yeah, I don’t disagree.”

White was then asked if he feels Jon Jones should have a lifetime ban due to his history with banned substances.

“Legally, USADA would have to handle this thing, and whatever USADA says, he’s gonna have to follow that punishment because they work hand-in-hand with the athletic commission. Whether it’s Nevada or California, or wherever it might be, which is essentially the government.

“So, the government works with USADA, and they figure out what the ban is going to be. But, if it came back that Jon Jones would get a three-month suspension, legally, I owe him a fight. I legally owe him a fight. I have a contract with the guy. You know?”

Brock Lesnar

White was then asked what the possibility of Jones fighting Brock Lesnar is now with Jones going through his case.

“I doubt that going to happen,” said White. “Highly doubt that’s going to happen.

“Jon Jones is going to end up probably getting suspended for a very long time.”

This article first appeared on on 10/18/2017.

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