VIDEO | Cody Garbrandt gets asked who would win in a fight between himself and Jean-Claude Van Damme

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and martial arts movie legend Jean-Claude Van Damme had a bit of an incident while training together recently.

Van Damme was showing Garbrandt and others from Team Alpha Male some kicking techniques and accidentally kicked Garbrandt in the face, which obviously upset the former UFC champ.

Cody Garbrandt Jean Claude Van Damme

Fortunately, the two were able to make up and TMZ caught up with Garbrandt recently as he was out attending one of Van Damme’s movie premieres with “No Love” saying that the kicking incident was blown out of proportion. However, Garbrandt didn’t hold back when asked about how a potential fight would go between the two if they were to have fought against each if they both were in their primes during the same era.

“He was kind of upset that I told them that he cried after he kicked me, which he did,” said Garbrandt. “That was the truth but he’s a sensitive guy. He’s a good guy. He’s got good kicks though.”

Cody was then asked about a potential fight between the two in their primes and gave a sharp response.

“God, I’d rip his f**king head off,” said Garbrandt. “Is that even a question? But nah, like I said, he’s a great guy. He’s got great kicks, but it’s different – Hollywood to the real life thing.”

Jean Claude Van Damme Cody Garbrandt

How do you think Jean-Claude Van Damme would have faired in the Octagon if he had pursued a career in mixed martial arts rather than performing on the big screen? Do you think the martial arts movie star could have had success in the UFC if he were in his prime at this moment? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

This article first appeared on on 1/19/2018.

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