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VIDEO | 69-year-old Tai Chi master suffers brutal KO loss to amateur mixed martial artist

Video of a Tai Chi ‘master’ getting starched by an amateur MMA contender is making the rounds on the World Wide Web. See it below:

This viral showdown took place on May 17, in Shandong, China. In a style vs. style matchup, Ma Baogo, a 69-year old Tai Chi ‘master’ was challenged by a 50-year old MMA hobbyist.

Prior to the video, the Tai Chi master has experienced his fair share of controversy. He previously posted a video where he paid an MMA fighter, Pete Irving, to fake spar him in an attempt to validate his Tai Chi skills. Ma Baogo claimed the footage was genuine and that he beat the MMA fighter. However, Irving later revealed that the whole scene was choreographed.

This created a feud between 69-year-old Baogo and another mixed martial artist, Xu Xiaodong.

“Mad Dog” Xu started the new wave of stye-vs-style fighting in China. He is an MMA trainer from Beijing who gained prominence for exposing fake martial artists. One of his videos went viral in 2017 after Xiaodong defeated a Tai Chi master in just ten seconds.

On June 26 2017, Xu Xiaodong was scheduled to fight Ma Baogo in a style vs style fight. According to sources, Boago’s relative called the police who intervened and put a stop to the potential matchup.

However, what goes around comes around as Baogo faced off against the amateur MMA fighter this week. He ate some right hands from the MMA hobbyist and fell to the floor. Baogo was knocked out less than thirty seconds of the clash.

Xiaodong rubbed salt in the wound and responded to the knock out on social media.

“For three years, they called me a traitor,” Xu wrote (via South China Morning Post). “This is the Tai Chi cheating master! Now … the truth has been revealed. I was right!”

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