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By Dr Pete - August 9, 2017

Nick Osipczak demonstrates this sequence of movements inspired by the Internal Martial Arts. The harmonizing with, and adding to the opponent’s turning will be particularly familiar to those who study Bagua or Aikido.


Word of caution: this takedown will be lower percentage when attempted against a topless and sweaty opponent.

The most important principle at work in this demonstration is to move away from the power of the spinning attack, without retreating. This ensures that whatever attempted technique is being delivered, at least you will not be damaged, and you can remain close to the attacker. As you step, you want to maintain the correct distance and continue to face your opponent. Tai Chi Ch’uan is considered a “middle range” fighting art, which affords one the opportunities to strike or to takedown.

As well as using the momentum of your opponent to help with the takedown in this video, correct experiential understanding of anatomy (in particular the spine) is required. This must also be coupled with an ability to sink your mass suddenly as your hands curve downwards and inwards (towards your hips), in order to execute this movement smoothly.

This curved arm movement combined with sinking is found in the beginning of most Tai Chi forms, and is an expression of one of the four main martial energies that compose the style: “An”.

Nick Osipczak
Profile by Vice – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AtDg_yUkB90
MMA highlights – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qy3-P142cqM

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