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WWE legend Shawn Michaels responds to UFC fighter Jessica-Rose Clark using his entrance theme

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is in awe that UFC women’s bantamweight Jessica Rose-Clark used his theme song for her entrance.

Rose-Clark made her way out to “Sexy Boy” for her UFC 276 scrap with Julija Stoliarenko. While Rose-Clark lost, it didn’t diminish the moment for “HBK.” Michaels discussed the moment during an appearance on MMAFighting‘s “The MMA Hour.”

“Heck, I sat there and watched it,” Michaels said recently on The MMA Hour. “I watched it and it’s like, oh my goodness, she comes out — and then, of course, just like ‘HBK’ [‘The Heartbreak Kid’] she gets tapped out. But it was still awesome.”

Michaels also reflected on Israel Adesanya channeling his inner Undertaker earlier this year. Adesanya used Undertaker’s theme song and hat for his entrance at UFC 276.

“It was awesome, because look, they do it to The Undertaker’s [theme song at UFC 276 with Israel Adesanya], he’s got cool music. A lot of people have had other performers do that [to their music]. Not me,” Michaels said. “My song, it’s snappy, it’s cool, everybody loves it, but it isn’t really that machismo song. And so, to have a fighter come out to my music and go, like, ‘OK, they get it,’ it’s everything.

“I don’t know a dude in the world that doesn’t love my music, it’s a toe-tapper and it’s a snappy tune, but it’s one of those things like, ‘Yeah, but I can’t come out to that before a fight.’ You know what I mean? So again, to have somebody do that and be proud of it and enjoy it, and understand it and appreciate how cool that music is — that’s why I’ve never changed it over the years. It’s absolutely one of the greatest songs, and so it’s very cool when it lives on passed you and transitions into other sports.”

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