Jan Blachowicz, Israel Adesanya have entertaining miscommunication after fight (video)

By Tom Taylor - March 8, 2021

Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya had an entertaining miscommunication in moments immediately following their fight.

Jan Blachowicz, Israel Adesanya

Blachowicz and Adesanya met in the main event of Saturday’s stacked UFC 259 card. Blachowicz sought to defend the light heavyweight title, while Adesanya, the promotion’s middleweight champion, looked to become a two-division champion.

In the end, Blachowicz won this fight by unanimous decision, retaining the light heavyweight belt in the process.

In the moments after their fight, he and Adesanya had a friendly conversation that featured a pretty hilarious misunderstanding. See the video, along with a transcript of their exchange, below.

Adesanya: My legs are fatigued a little bit.

Blachowicz: Mine too.

Adesanya: But your guard game—very good guard game. I mean passing, you passed [my guard]. You made me look like a butter guard. 

Blachowicz: You pay good? 

Adesanya: Huh?

Blachowicz: You pay good money? 

Adesanya: What now?

Blachowicz: You pay good money for—

Adesanya: For what? 

Blachowicz: For body guard. I can be your body guard. 

Adesanya: Oh no, no—I said ‘good guard!’

Blachowicz: Oh, [laughs] good guard!

While there is evidently no animosity between these two UFC champions, Jan Blachowicz is clearly quite satisfied with his upset victory over the middleweight champion.

“It tastes different,” Blachowicz told the assembled media in Las Vegas after beating Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 (via MMA Fighting). “I proved that I’m a true champion. I don’t know yet. Always, when you win the fight, it’s an amazing feeling. But right now, because I won against someone like Israel, one of the best in the world, [and] now he’s got 20-1, so he’s going to remember me until the end of his life; I’m the first one to defeat him in MMA, it tastes much better. It’s amazing.”

What do you think of this entertaining back-and-forth between the two champions after the UFC 259 main event?


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