VIDEO | Jake Shields confronts Mike Jackson for calling him a “Nazi,” altercation ensues

By Cole Shelton - December 16, 2022

Jake Shields and Mike Jackson had an altercation today that turned physical.

Jake Shields

According to Shields, Jackson has called him a Nazi on social media which the former UFC title challenger was not happy with. The two have gone back and forth on social media and on Friday, they finally saw each other. Once they did, Shields took Jackson to the ground and was holding him there, and tried to land some ground and pound. Jackson – who has also fought in the UFC – is heard asking people to get Shields off of him, before Jake was eventually removed.

“Finally ran into the bitch Mike Jackson He quickly discovered the difference between calling people Nazis in person vs on Twitter This racist is lucky so many people were there to save his pathetic racist ass,” Shields tweeted with the video of him on top of Jackson.

“For those who don’t know @TheTruthJackson is fighter who is a black nationalist He’s 3/4 white and grew playing lacrosse He’s called me a nazi and said white people are no better than cock roaches.”

The feud did not end there as Shields and Jackson also took shots at each other on social media, with both calling each other names.

A nazi just did a thing. @jakeshieldsajj is such a vile thug,” Jackson wrote.

After some more comments, Jake Shields says Mike Jackson begged for mercy. However, Jackson fired back saying Shields left their altercation bleeding.

Shields: I just beat your racist ass and you begged for mercy. Let’s Meet up again?

Jackson: Lol! Yet you are the one left bleeding. All of that white fragility got the best of you, nazi.

Mike Jackson also accused Jake Sheilds of being a thug due to the fact Shields had his entire team there when the altercation started.

Mike Jackson and Jake Shields continued to go at it on social media, with Shields telling Jackson to fight him at Xtreme Couture.

As of right now, it seems unlikely that Jackson and Shields will actually fight at the gym. However, it seems certain that their rivalry is far from done.

What do you make of this altercation between Jake Shields and Mike Jackson?

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