Video | Daniel Cormier confronts Jake Paul at UFC 261

By Chris Taylor - April 24, 2021

Former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier confronted Jake Paul during tonight’s UFC 261 event in Jacksonville.

Daniel Cormier

Paul (3-0), a famous YouTuber turned boxer, had called out Cormier following his first round knockout victory over Ben Askren last weekend in Atlanta.

“Daniel Cormier (was saying) that’s my boy Ben, he’s gonna beat Jake, he pushed him in the face so he’s gonna win now, chirp, chirp, chirp,” Paul said on his brother’s podcast, Impaulsive. “I knock him out and he’s on Twitter, ‘Ben, are you serious, bro, you went down like that. Ben are you kidding me, I can’t believe you did that to the MMA community.’ Shut the f**k up b***h. I’ll beat the f**k out of your fat ass too, just like Stipe did, Cleveland sh*t. I’ll beat the f**k out of Daniel Cormier.”

Jake Paul, Ben Askren

Image Credit: Triller Fight Club

Daniel Cormier then followed back at Jake Paul with the following remarks.

“This dude would never fight me. I would kill him. Why would I ever fight someone like that? But my immediate reaction was, ‘I can’t stand this kid.’ So it works! I can’t stand this kid! But who punches down? You don’t punch down to somebody. I’m the guy that’s in the Hall of Fame. I’m the guy that won two world championships at the same time,” Cormier said (h/t BadLeftHook).

“I’m not gonna punch down to some kid that’s on YouTube that’s, like, ‘Fight me!’ Like, why? What have you done to earn the right to fight me? So, no, it’s silly and stupid. But I would like him to fight Tyron. I would like to see him fight somebody more real. Don’t fight Ben Askren at 190, bloated. Fight a middleweight (185 lbs in MMA). Fight Luke Rockhold! Let me see you fight Luke Rockhold or somebody like that. And then I will not only say that you have base skills, I will say you’re a real fighter. Because right now it’s all pretend. It’s all pretend.”

Most recently, Daniel Cormier noticed Jake Paul in the crowd at UFC 261 and proceeded to confront him. Check out the video below courtesy of Sean Sheehan on Twitter.

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