UFC Vegas 57 Results: Umar Nurmagomedov defeats Nate Maness (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - June 25, 2022

A bantamweight bout between Umar Nurmagomedov and Nate Maness takes place on the main card of tonight’s UFC Vegas 57 event.

Umar Nurmagomedov

Nurmagomedov (14-0 MMA) was last seen in action at March’s UFC 272 event, where he extended his perfect record to fourteen with a first round submission victory over Brian Kelleher.

Meanwhile, Nate Maness (14-1 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since September of 2021, where he earned a second round TKO victory over Tony Gravely. That win extended Maness’ current streak to four in a row.

Round one of this bantamweight contest begins and a right hand from Umar Nurmagomedov lands early. He follows that up with a hard low kick. A body kick from Nurmagomedov as Maness flurries comes forward with a combination. Nate Maness tries to utilize the clinch, but Nurmagomedov trips him and tips him to the canvas. Nurmagomedov working from full guard now. Umar using keeping shoulder pressure, he’s looking to land some short elbows. Maness closing his guard with a body triangle and throwing strikes off his back.Couple sharp lefts from Nurmagomedov. Maness attempts rubber guard but Nurmagomedov is able to pass to half guard. Good ground and pound from Umar now. The horn sounds to close out round one.

Round two begins and Umar Nurmagomedov lands a body kick. He follows that up with a high kick. Maness winds up on a hook and Nurmagomedov grabs a single leg and takes him down. Nurmagomedov on top and now in half guard. He quickly passes to side control. Nice elbows from Nurmagomedov. He throws a knee to the back of Nate Maness. A short scramble and now Umar is searching for a triangle choke. Nurmagomedov postures up and lands a few punches. He goes back to side control and tries to pass to mount. No dice, but he puts himself back in half guard. Hard elbows from side control for Umar Nurmagomedov. Maness is scrambling a bit now. Nurmagomedov goes to north south. Maness gets to his knees and Nurmagomedov threatens to take his back. Maness turns and now Umar is on his back. Another scramble and now Nurmagomedov is on top and landing heavy elbows. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Umar Nurmagomedov lands a low kick. He follows that up with a head kick. Nate Maness lands a 1-2 but eats a counter hook. A front kick to the jaw from Nurmagomedov. Maness tries to push forward but eats a counter. Another jab from Nurmagomedov and then a body kick. A right hand scores for Maness. Nurmagomedov with a body kick and then a right hook. A low kick knocks Maness off balance. Body kicks now from Nurmagomedov. Umar shoots for a takedown and lands straight into guard. A heavy elbow from Nurmagomedov and Maness is now sporting a big hemotoma. Umar with some more ground and pound to close out the fight.

Official UFC Vegas 57 Result: Umar Nurmagomedov def. Nate Maness by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)

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