UFC Vegas 39 Results: Marina Rodriguez defeats Mackenzie Dern (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - October 9, 2021

Tonight’s UFC Vegas 39 event is headlined by a key women’s strawweight fight featuring Mackenzie Dern taking on Marina Rodriguez.


Dern (11-1 MMA) will enter tonight’s main event sporting a four-fight winning streak, her latest being a first round submission victory over Nina Nunes in April.

Meanwhile, Marina Rodriguez (14-1-2 MMA) is coming off of back-to-back wins, her most recent Octagon appearance resulting in a decision victory over Michelle Waterson back in May.

The winner of tonight’s headliner will likely find themselves in a number one contender bout next time out.


Round one of the UFC Vegas 39 main event begins and Rodriguez starts things off with a front kick. She continues to press forward and lands a pair of low kicks. She swings and misses with a right hand but then lands another front kick, this time to the body. A right hand from Marina Rodrigeuz. Mackenzie Dern rushes in and attempts to force the clinch, but Rodriguez escapes and circles out. Marina lands a nice combination. Dern winds up with a pair of big punches but neither find a home. Mackenzie shoots in for a takedown but Rodriguez stuffs it and lands an elbow. She scores with a front kick before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 39 headliner begins and Marina Rodriguez lands another front kick to get things started. Mackenzie Dern presses forward and lands a pair of big right hands. She tries a hip toss and drags Rodriguez down on top of her. Dern immediately sweeps her opponent and winds up on top in north/south position. Rodriguez attempts a d’arce choke from off her back but eventually gives up on the hold. Mackenzie Dern puts her in a crucifix from back mount. She is smothering Rodriguez now. Dern moves to full mount and then transitions for an armbar. Marina is wise to it and escapes. Dern proceeds to blast her with ground and pound. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 39 main event begins and Marina Rodriguez quickly gets to work. She lands a front kick and then a low kick. She follows that up with a 1-2 combination. Another combination from Rodriguez. She is throwing the kitchen sink at Mackenzie Dern in this round. Another low kick followed by a stiff jab. Dern shoots in for a takedown but Marina shakes her off and circles out. Another good combination scores for Rodriguez. Mackenzie Dern is trying to find a way inside but keeps getting countered beautifully by Rodriguez. Body shots now from Marina. Round four comes to an end.

Round four of the UFC Vegas 39 headliner begins and Mackenzie Dern comes out throwing punches. Marina Rodriguez catches her with a nice counter. The pair trade low kicks and then Rodriguez lands an accidental kick to the groin. We restart and Marina lands a nice punch. Dern replies with a low kick and then a jab. Rodriguez lands a nice counter punch. Dern with a good right hand over the top but Marina counters with a heavy combination. She lands a good kick and then a right to the body. Mackenzie Dern appears to be breathing heavily now. Still, she presses forward in hopes of creating a takedown opportunity. After eating a few more shots an opening presents itself and Dern takes Rodriguez to the floor. Dern on top in mount now. She lands some ground and pound. Dern is hunting the armbar. She turns for an omoplata and almost had it but there’s the horn.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Vegas 39 main event begins and Mackenzie Dern connects with a big right hand. She chases after Rodriguez who is on her bike. Dern is working hard to force the clinch. Marina catches her with a nice combination. She follows that up with a kick to the body and then one to the left knee of Dern. She lands a three-punch combo before Dern gets in on a takedown. She briefly gets the fight to the floor but Rodriguez is quickly back to her feet. Another hard right hand and then a low kick from Marina Rodriguez. Mackenzie Dern likely needs a finish here. She has sixty seconds to get it. No dice as Rodriguez continues to pepper Dern until the final horn.

Official UFC Vegas 39 Result: Marina Rodriguez def. Mackenzie Dern by unanimous decision (49-46 x3)

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