UFC Phoenix Results: Paul Felder defeats James Vick (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - February 17, 2019

A lightweight bout between Paul Felder and James Vick served as the co-headliner of tonight’s UFC Phoenix event.

Paul Felder

James Vick (13-2 MMA) enters tonight’s co-main event looking to rebound, this after suffering a knockout loss to Justin Gaethje in his most recent effort at UFC Lincoln.

Prior to the setback, Vick had strung together four straight wins, which included stoppage victories over Polo Reyes, Jospeh Duffy and Abel Trujilo.

Meanwhile, Paul Felder will return to the UFC‘s hlightweight division tonight, this after suffering a split-decision loss to Mike Perry at welterweight.

Prior to his loss to “Platinum“, Felder had put together a three-fight winning streak over opponents Alessandro Ricci, Stevie Ray and Charles Oliveira.

Round one begins and Felder fires off a low kick to start. Vick goes to the body with a nice kick. Felder is pressing forward. He just misses with an overhand right. Paul with a good low kick. Vick replies with one of his own. Felder ducks a punch and then just misses with a left hook. Vick with a straight right that connects. He follows that up with a low kick. Felder throws a spinning back elbow that partially connects. Vick goes high with a kick which is blocked easily by Felder. Paul circles and lands a low kick. Vick misses with a high kick. He connects with a nice right hand. Felder responds with a pair of hard low kicks. Vick leaps in with a combaintion. Felder avoids and takes the center of the cage. Felder with a right hand. Vick responds with a nice low kick. James steps to his right and lands a body kick. Felder comes forward and lands a chopping low kick. He pushes Vick up agains the cage. James switches the position. Felder breaks free and avoids an elbow. Vick circles along the cage. Felder continues to press. Felder with a right hand that appears to stun Vick. James immediatley clinches up. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Felder comes forward and throws a high kick which is blocked. Vick with a right hand. He leaps in with a knee and grabs a hold of the clinch. The action moves to the fence and Vick begins to work some knees. Felder with some shots to the body while being pressed up against the cage. James Vick continues to throw knees. He looks to score a trip but Felder is wise to it and avoids. Paul Felder switches the position and breaks free. Vick lands a low kick. He circles along the cage and then leaps in with an elbow. Felder with a low kick. Vick decides to switch stances as his lead leg has taken a lot of damage. Felder takes notice and lands another good low kick. James Vick replies with a big right hand followed by an uppercut. He pushes Felder agains tthe cage and begins working for a takedown. Knees now from Vick. Felder responds with some short shots. Vick breaks free and throws a spinning back kick. He lands a low kick. Felder charges in with a combination that misses. Paul circles and then lands a low kick. Thirty seconds remain. Felder with a left hand followed by a low kick. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Paul Felder comes out quickly. James Vick tries to keep him at bay with a low kick. Felder anwers with one of his own. The fighters clinch up after a brief exchange. Felder breaks free and lands a low kick. Vick is limping now. Felder sees it and continues to attack. Vick with a front kick. He is just trying to keep Paul Felder off him. Vick rushes in with a combination. Felder avoids and lands a left hand. James Vick misses with a big right and Felder tags him with another low kick. Felder with a left hook that rocks Vicks. James retreats and Felder comes after him. Vick appears to be ok and takes the center of the octagon. Felder hits him with another low kick. Vick charges in and lands a nice straight right. He pushes “The Irish Dragon” against the cage and throws a low kick. Both men with a wild rights. Vick leaps in but Felder throws a spinning back elbow. That just missed. Felder presses Vick against the cage. James breaks free and then throws a flying knee. The horn sounds to end round three.

Official UFC Phoenix Result: Paul Felder def. James Vick via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

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