UFC Phoenix Results: Cynthia Calvillo defeats Cortney Casey

By Chris Taylor - February 17, 2019

A women’s strawweight bout between Cortney Casey and Cynthia Calvillo took place on the main card of tonight’s UFC Phoenix event.


Cortney Casey was last seen in action at August’s UFC Fight Night event in Lincoln, where she picked up a split-decision win over Angela Hill.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Calvillo is coming off a submission victory over Poliana Botelho at November’s UFC event in Argentina.

Round one begins and Cortney Casey is applying the pressure early. She lands a stiff jab and continues to chase after Calvillo who is moving well. Cynthia with a nice leg kick. She circles and then throws a jab. Casey comes forward but eats a low kick. Calvillo attempts to return fire but misses. Both ladies swing wildly. Casey lands an uppercut. Calvillo circles. Both women land inside low kicks. Casey with a right hand. Calvillo fires back with a knee. Both women are still looking to find their range. Calvillo with a low kick. Casey comes in with a flurry that misses. Cynthia is looking to setup her right hand. She lands a left and then catches a kick from Casey. Cortney falls to the floor but pops right back up to her feet. Cynthia with a jab to the body and then another. She lands a low kick. Casey responds with one of her own. Both women seem happy to stand and trade as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Cynthia comes forward with a front kick that misses. She attempts a side kick but that to misses. Casey with a low kick. Calvillo responds with one of her own. She leaps into the pocket but Cortney slides away and out of range. Calvillo hopping around a lot. She lands a nice jab to the body of Casey. Cortney switches stances but eats a right hand. Calvillo comes forward with an attack. Casey almost gets taken down but avoids. Another takedown attempts from Calvillo. This time she has a good hold of Casey. Cynthia has one leg trapped and looks to take the back of her opponent. Casey scrambles free and takes the center of the cage. She throws a low kick. Cynthia Calvillo replies with a left hook. She follows that up with a right hand. Casey circles and then leaps in with a combination. She lands a chopping low kick. Calvillo backs off. Casey with a right hand. Calvillo charges forward with a flurry. She lands a left hand and then a right. This is a close fight. Calvillo with a right hand. Casey answers with a low kick. Both women connect with left hands. Calvillo with a low kick. Casey lands one of her own. Calvillo with a good right. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Casey throws a head kick which is blocked. Calvillo circles along the fence. Casey lands a hard low kick. She attempts another but Cynthia counters nicely with a right hand. Casey with another low kick. Those are starting to hurt. Cynthia with a right hand. Casey charges in and throws a knee. Calvillo ties her up and pushes Cortney against the cage. Calvillo attempts a knee but misses and Casey breaks free. Calvillo catches a Casey kick but cannot secure the takedown. Cortney continues to press the action and lands another low kick. Cynthia fires off a combination but both punches comes up short. Casey continues to stalk and misses with a high kick. Calvillo with a right hand but it continues to fall inches short. Casey with a low kick. Both women stand and trade in the pocket now. They switch to low kicks. Calvillo circles out and Casey catches her with a left hand. Calvillo and Casey stand and trade until the horn sounds to end the fight.

Official UFC Phoenix Result: Cynthia Calvillo def. Cortney Casey via decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)


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