UFC legend Donald Cerrone opens up on his new bulked up physique: “It’s not steroids from your uncle Bob slingin em behind the corner gas station”

By Harry Kettle - December 29, 2022

UFC legend Donald Cerrone has opened up on his new physique after being asked by fans whether he was taking steroids.

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Back in July, Donald Cerrone announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after a submission loss to Jim Miller. Over the course of his career, predominantly under the WEC/UFC banner, the man known as ‘Cowboy’ became a legend.

While he went on a losing streak to end his run, Cerrone is still viewed as a huge fan favourite.

In recent days he’s been spotted looking absolutely gigantic on Instagram. In a post, the 39-year-old explained what he’d been up to and why he’s happier than ever with his choices.


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“I was 175 pounds pretty much my entire UFC career. I’m now 220 [pounds] and I’m starting to really shred up and put on a lot of muscle mass and you can really tell. I mean, just over the last few videos, I’ve had people like, ‘Wow, you’re a lot bigger.’ Well, yeah. I’m on the good sh**.”

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“I told y’all when I retired I was gonna go swoll nation, and it’s not steroids from your uncle Bob slingin em behind the corner gas station.

I looked at TONS of companies and found literally the best one. Based off of your blood work they figure out where the gaps in your health are and use supplements, peptides and hormone replacement therapy to fill in the places you’re deficient.

Cerrone gets big

It’s not just about the gains though. Their “limitless pill” for your brain health is top notch and their joint recovery supplements are better than anything else I’ve ever tried.”

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