UFC 286 Results: Leon Edwards defeats Kamaru Usman (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - March 18, 2023

Tonight’s UFC 286 event in London is headlined by a welterweight title fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman.

Leon Edwards, FUC 286

Edwards (20-3 MMA) will enter the contest on a ten-fight winning streak, his most recent of course being his stunning knockout victory over Usman at UFC 278. Coincidentally, Leon’s most recent defeat came back in December of 2015 when he was outpointed by ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ at UFC on Fox 17.

Meanwhile, Kamaru Usman (20-2 MMA) will enter the Octagon looking to rebound from his title loss to Leon Edwards this past August. The setback marked Usman’s second career defeat and first loss since 2013.

Round one of the UFC 286 main event begins and the fighters meet in the center of the Octagon. Leon Edwards lands a hard low kick. Both men miss with jab attempts. Kamaru Usman goes to the body with a kick. Edwards swings and misses with a hard left hook. Usman misses with a jab, ‘Rocky’ counters with a good punch. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ lands a jab. Edwards with a right hook and then a low kick. Usman replies with a good right and then a jab. The fighters clinch and Leon lands a knee. They break and Edwards lands a low kick. ‘Rocky’ attempts the high kick but Usman blocks it. A big kick to the body from Leon Edwards. That hurt Usman. Still, he pushes forward and shoots for a takedown. He presses Leon up against the cage and lands a knee. Edwards breaks free but gets a warning from the referee for a glove-grab. We restart and Leon lands another hard kick to the body. And another. Usman swings and misses with a wild right.

Round two of the UFC 286 main event begins and Leon Edwards lands a nice inside low kick. He throws another but Usman says it was low and so we have a brief break. We restart and ‘Rocky’ lands another low kick. He follows that up with another. Kamaru with some pressure but Leon lands a good knee. Usman with a combination. He lands a good right and then scores a takedown. Leon gets up to his feet, but Kamaru is landing some big lefts. ‘Rocky’ dives on a takedown. He doesn’t get it and now Usman is back on him. Edwards is up and lands a good left and then a body kick. He tries the high kick, but Kamaru Usman blocks it. One-minute remains. Both men land low kicks. Edwards connects with another hard kick to the body. Leon with a nice calf kick. Kamaru with a straight right. Leon with a good counter hook. Usman with a kick. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC 286 headliner begins and Leon Edwards lands a pair of low kicks to start. He lands another as Usman attempts to close the distance. Kamaru goes for a double leg and gets it. He is working from half guard. Leon gets back to his feet but grabs the fence to avoid being taken down. Herb Dean stops the action and takes a point. Leon Edwards with a low kick. Kamaru Usman with a jab to the body. Another low kick from ‘Rocky’, and then another. The fighters trade low kicks now. Just over two minutes remain in the third round. Another low kick from Edwards. He attempts another but it lands on the groin of Usman. We break so Kamaru can recover and then restart. Leon with a good body kick and then a knee up the middle. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ with a lot of pressure now. He goes to the body and then lands a right over the top. Leon with a pair of low kicks. Usman with another jab to the body. He lands a pair of hooks to the ribs of the champion and then a big right hook. Kamaru Usman pushes Leon Edwards against the cage but ‘Rocky’ quickly breaks free. The horn sounds and we are going to the championship rounds.

Round four of the UFC 286 main event begins and Leon Edwards is back to work with the low kicks. Kamaru Usman is trying to force the action. He lands a decent punch but eats another kick for his efforts. Usman slips and Edwards tries to get on him but can’t. Usman scrambles out and then lands a jab. Another pair of low kicks from ‘Rocky’. He just is destroying the front leg of the former champion. Another low kick. Usman swings and misses with a left. Leon with a good counter left. He lands a jab and then another. Usman with a right hand. He dives on a takedown. and gets it but only for a second. Leon is back up and lands a knee and then a left. He goes to the body with a kick. Usman with another takedown attempt but he can’t get it. Edwards with a nice combination. Usman just misses with a right hand. He shoots for a takedown but the horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round begins and Kamaru Usman is coming forward with pressure. He lands a 1-2 but Leon Edwards replies with a good high kick. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ dives on a double leg takedown attempt. ‘Rocky’ is defending thus far but is pressed up against the cage. He breaks free and connects with a good combination. A high kick now from Edwards. The welterweights stand and trade in the pocket. Leon appeared to get the better of that exchange. Kamaru Usman dives on a takedown attempt but can’t get it. Edwards gets free from the cage and lands a low kick and then a jab. Usman is pressuring but not really landing anything clean. Another low kick from Leon Edwards. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ with a good combination and then dives on a takedown. Leon once again is able to shrug him off. He lands a body kick. Usman with a punch and then forces the clinch. He scores a takedown but Leon bounces right back up. Good knees from the champ. He lands a low kick. Usman with a 1-2 and then another takedown attempt. Edwards stuffs it. He lands a body kick on the break. Usman ends the fight with one last combination.

Official UFC 286 Result: Leon Edwards def. Kamaru Usman by majority decision (48-46 x2, 47-47)

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