UFC 275 Results: Jiri Procházka stops Glover Teixeira in the final seconds (Video)

By Chris Taylor - June 11, 2022

Tonight’s UFC 275 event is headlined by a light heavyweight title fight featuring Glover Teixeira taking on Jiri Procházka.

Jiri Procházka, Glover Teixeira, UFC 275

Teixeira (33-7 MMA) captured the promotions light heavyweight title at UFC 267 with a second round submission victory over Jan Blachowicz. The win marked the 42-year-olds sixth in a row and third straight stoppage.

Meanwhile, Jiri Procházka (28-3-1 MMA) last competed in May of 2021 where he earned a stunning knockout victory over Dominick Reyes (see that here). The brutal stoppage marked the Czech’s twelfth win in a row and tenth consecutive finish.

Round one of the UFC 275 main event begins and Glover Teixeira lands a big kick to the body of the challenger. Jiri Procházka replies with a low kick. Glover with a hard hook to the body. He is in on a single leg takedown and he gets it. Teixeira in side control. Prochazka looking to explode and kick off the fence with his feet. North-south position for the champion. There’s the explosion off the cage and Prochazka is back up to his feet. Body kick by Prochazka. A right hand from Teixeira just misses. Another single leg takedown for Glover and he moves into full mount. Big elbows now from the champion. Jiri Prochazka gives up his back. Glover Teixeira looks to transition but the challenger scrambles and gets back up to his feet. Round one comes to an end.

Round two of the UFC 275 headliner begins and there is an accidental eye poke. Jiri Prochazka says he is ok and we continue. Jiri with the jab. He is looking to load up on a big shot. Teixeira throws and misses with a hook. An axe kick by Prochazka. Teixeira responds with a crisp jab. Jiri looks for a knee but it is off target. Prochazka with an upward elbow that misses. He follows up with a five-punch combo. Glover counters and Jiri is rocked! Teixeira has full mount! He’s wailing away on the challenger now. Big elbows from the champ. Jiri is bleeding. More elbows as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC 275 main event begins and Jiri Prochazka lands a knee to the body and then a temple shot that might have stunned the champ. Glover Teixeira flops to his back after a failed takedown. Jiri says get back up. Flying knee by Prochazka is blocked. Two clean lefts by the challenger get through though. Big lefts by Prochazka! Teixeira is busted up and he’s unable to get the takedown. Jiri with a knee, Teixeira catches a leg and gets Prochazka down! Jiri is quickly back up. He looks to secure an arm triangle but Glover is wise to it and winds up taking top position. More big elbows now from the champ. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 275 main event begins and Glover Teixeira is letting his hands go early. He attempts a head kick that just misses. A straight left to the body lands for Prochazka. A body kick now from Jiri and then an uppercut. The challenger is exhausted. A huge left lands for Prochazka and Glover just eats it! He counters Jiri with a hard punch! A takedown attempt from Teixeira and he gets it! Glover looks for an arm triangle choke. Jiri gives the thumbs up he is ok. Another attempt from the champ. This time Jiri scrambles and winds up in top position. Another scramble and now Glover Teixeira is on Jiri Procházka’s back. Another transition and the challenger is back on top. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of the UFC 275 main event begins and Glover Teixeira lands a nice combination. He follows that up with a huge right hand and Jiri Procházka is rocked. The champ jumps on the challenger and drops down for a guillotine. Jiri pulls his head out and escapes to be in top position. Glover is quickly able to scramble back up to his feet. An uppercut and a jab land for Jiri. Another big right hand scores for Teixeira. A left hook by Prochazka. Teixeira answers with one of his own. A straight right and then a left hook now from the champ. Prochazka is running on fumes. Teixeira in for a takedown again. Three minutes remain. A good jab and then a hook from Teixeira. He once again tries a takedown and this time he gets it. He moves to full mount. Big elbows from the champion. Jiri scrambles and winds up on top. He moves to the back of the champion. Prochazka locks in a choke and Glover taps with just seconds remaining. Unreal!


Official UFC 275 Result: Jiri Procházka def. Glover Teixeira via submission in Round 5

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