UFC 241 Results: Stipe Miocic KO’s Daniel Cormier (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - August 17, 2019

Daniel Cormier puts his heavyweight title on the line against former division champion Stipe Miocic in the headliner of tonight’s UFC 241 event.

Stipe Miocic

Cormier and Miocic originally met at UFC 226 in July of 2018, with ‘DC’ emerging victorious by way of first round knockout, thus claiming the promotions coveted heavyweight championship.

Since then, Daniel Cormier (22-1 MMA) has gone on to defend his heavyweight title on one occasion, defeating Derrick Lewis via submission at UFC 230.

As for Stipe Miocic (18-3 MMA), the former heavyweight kingpin will be returning to the Octagon for the first time since suffering his aforementioned KO loss to Cormier.

Prior to his title loss to ‘DC‘, Miocic had reeled off six straight victories which included a record-setting three title defenses.

Round one of the UFC 241 main event begins and Stipe Miocic lands a low kick to start. Daniel Cormier returns fire with a hard low kick of his own. The heavyweight continue to trade low kicks. Another hard one lands for Cormier. Miocic continues to fire back with kicks of his own. ‘DC’ looks for a left hook. He lands a right uppercut. Both men throw punches now. The don’t blink rule is officially in effect. Cormier with a good right he shoots in for a takedown and lifts Miocic high into the air. He slams Stipe to the canvas and immediately moves to half guard. He passes to side control but Miocic quickly gets back to half guard. Another transition and Daniel Cormier falls to full guard position. He begins to work some body shots on the former champion. One minute remains in the opening round. ‘DC’ postures up and lands a couple of good shots. He moves to side control and lands some hard hammer fists. The referee is taking a look. Miocic gets back to his feet before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 241 main event begins and Miocic lands a pair of jabs to start. The fighters trade low kicks. Stipe leans in with a right. Cormier slips the punch but eats a knee. ‘DC’ with a left hand that falls short. Miocic with a nice kick to the body. Daniel Cormier lands a right hand. He follows that up with an elbow from in the clinch. ‘DC’ is walking Miocic down now. He lands a left and then a beautiful right hook. A right hand from Cormier looks to have Miocic in trouble. However, Stipe fires back a flurry and clips ‘DC’. Wow this action is wild. Cormier connects with another big shot. The fighters clinch up against the cage. Miocic lands a shoulder strike. He follows that up with a right hand and then a stiff jab. Daniel Cormier with a right hand and then a left. Miocic lands a jab and then a short right. This is a barn burner. ‘DC’ pushes forward and forces Mioci against the cage. Stipe breaks free and lands a nice right. Cormier with a good uppercut. Stipe Miocic with a good combination. Cormier comes right back with punches of his own. He lands another uppercut. Miocic answers with a body kick. Cormier responds by going high with a kick. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Miocic gets things started by landing a jab to the body of Cormier. He follows that up with a beautiful combination. A crisp jab lands for Stipe. He shoots in for a takedown but Cormier avoids that. Miocic with a head kick attempt that misses. Daniel Cormier lands a left hand and then a short hook. The fighters clinch up and ‘DC’ connects with an uppercut. They break and Cormier lands a low kick. Miocic comes in with an uppercut. He forces the clinch and lands another big uppercut. Cormier appears to be slowing down a bit. He takes a long look at the clock. Three minutes remain. Miocic with a nice knee to the body. Cormier responds with a low kick. He takes the center of the Octagon and lands a kick to the body. Stipe with a nice right hand. He shoots in and scores a takedown. ‘DC’ scrambles right back to his feet but eats a knee for his efforts. Cormier with a good combination. He is forcing the action now. He lands a low kick and then a right hand. Miocic’s face looks busted up. More big shots from Cormier. Miocic lands a right hand counter. The heavyweights continue to exchange right until the horn sounds to end the round.

Round four of the UFC 241 main event begins and Daniel Cormier takes the center of the Octagon. Stipe Miocic quickly works his way inside and lands a low kick. ‘DC’ looks like he is waiting to time something. He shoots in with a big left hand that misses. He follows that up with a low kick that connects. A nice lead left lands for Cormier. Miocic responds with a jab. ‘DC’ replies with one of his own and then another. He goes low with a kick. Miocic goes to the body with a beautiful left hook. He lands another. ‘DC’ returns fire with a left hook upstairs. Miocic continues to work the body of the champion. ‘DC’ clearly is not enjoying those shots. Another left hook to the body and then another. Daniel Cormier comes forward now with a right hand followed by a hook. Miocic with another left hook to the body. ‘DC’ snaps a jab and then a straight right. He misses with a wild haymaker. Miocic responds with another left hook. He lands a right hand and Cormier is hurt. Cormier drops and this one is all over! WOW!

Official UFC 241 Result: Stipe Miocic def Daniel Cormier via knockout in Round 4

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August 17, 2019

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