UFC 229 Results: Jussier Formiga defeats Sergio Pettis

By Chris Taylor - October 6, 2018

A key flyweight bout between perennial division contenders Jussier Formiga and Sergio Pettis served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 229 prelims.

Sergio Pettis enters tonight’s contest having won five of his past six fights. His latest win came over former title challenger Joseph Benavidez at UFC 225 in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Jussier Formiga comes in to UFC 229 sporting an overall record of 21-5.

Round one begins and Pettis quickly takes the center of the octagon. He paws with his jab as Formiga circles along the outside. Not much action yet. Formiga lands a nice counter right. Sergio replies with jab. Formiga charges in for a takedown but it is stuffed. Another jab from Pettis. Formiga dives in and takes the fight to the canvas. The horn sounds shortly after to end round one.

Round two begins and once again it is a tentative start. The crowd is growing restless. Formiga with a low kick. He fakes a takedown and then comes over the top with a right. Pettis side steps and then throws a jab. Sergio looks to be frustrated but comes forward with a combination. He misses with a right hand. Pettis with a lead left that lands. Formiga ducks under a follow up punch and scores a takedown. That is huge for Jussier. He begins working some ground and pound. Pettis fires back short shots from off of his back. Formiga is working from full guard here. He passes to half guard and begins using some head and arm pressure. Pettis scrambles back to his feet just as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Pettis fires off a left jab that lands. He comes forward with a combination that ends in a left hook. Sergio’s corner told him he likely needs the finish. The fighters tie up and Formiga jumps on the back of Pettis. Jussier immediately begins searching for a rear-naked choke. He locks in a body triangle and Pettis is in all sorts of trouble. Pettis tries to scramble but Formiga is able to sink his arm under his chin. This is not good for Sergio. He manages to survive but Formiga is still on his back with a body triangle locked in. He begins to soften up Pettis with punches. Under a minute remains in the round but Pettis just can’t seem to shake Formiga. Jussier with some more good shots.

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