TJ Dillashaw responds after Aljamain Sterling claims he’s still using PED’s

By Susan Cox - August 16, 2022

TJ Dillashaw is responding after Aljamain Sterling claims he’s still using PED’s (performance enhancing drugs).

It will be Dillashaw (17-4 MMA) vs Sterling (21-3 MMA) in a bantamweight bout on October 22nd at UFC 280 which takes place at the Etihad Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Champion Aljamain Sterling will seek his second title defense against TJ Dillashaw in the co-main event.

Aljamain Sterling told ‘The MMA Hour’ that he believes TJ Dillashaw is not a clean athlete saying:

“The guy’s still cheating. He’s still finding ways to cheat. Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

It is true that Dillashaw had a positive drug test back in 2019 that resulted in a two-year UFC suspension and the fighter being stripped of his 135-pound belt. Dillashaw maintains his past test failure was the result of taking a substance that would assist in cutting weight.

In speaking with ‘MMA Junkie‘, TJ Dillashaw had this to say about Sterling’s accusations:

“He’s got to say something to downplay how good I am. I’m going to whoop his ass coming up soon in 10 weeks. He’s got to make some sort of excuse of why I’m winning, or who I am and why I am. It don’t bother me. It’s just a bunch of bullsh*t excuses. When I beat his ass he’s going to be like, ‘See’.”

Continuing Dillashaw said:

“I never had anything against the guy until now I’m fighting him. The way he kind of handled winning the belt the first time and just continuing his persona outright. He’s kind of a not likeable guy, and he’s kind of rolling with taking the cringe to the next level. Nothing personally against him, other than the fact he acts like a dipsh*t.”

Concluding the fighter finished with:

“I’ve never tried to get into too much personal stuff, trying to bring in the reality TV drama into everything. I try to stick somewhat to the sport. I don’t have time to really worry about who he is as a person or what he’s got going on. I worry about who he is as a fight, what holes he has in his game and how I’m going to whoop his ass. That’s why I get paid. Some people get paid to talk sh*t, but it’s just not what I’m into. I’m talking sh*t about me being the best.”

Will you be watching Aljamain Sterling vs TJ Dillashaw this October? Who do you think will come out the victor?

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