Tito Ortiz shares conspiracy theory about the coronavirus outbreak

By Natasha Hooper - March 23, 2020

Tito Ortiz may be taking up a new career as an infectious disease specialist, as he has shared a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus outbreak.

Tito Ortiz

During a live stream on social media, Ortiz declared that Coronavirus is a man-made illness.

”Do I think the Coronavirus is real? One hundred percent I think it’s real,” Ortiz said. “Yep, man-made, a virus that is taking out all the old people. It’s kind of crazy, this is something I’d like to talk about though.

“Remember in China when they’re doing all the protesting?” Ortiz added, seemingly referencing the protests in Hong Kong, which are still ongoing. “They had so many people out on the streets and everyone wanted to be like us Americans and chanting the national anthem. And then all of a sudden boom, that s**t was over within in a day.

”People were following Coronavirus [as] the most craziest thing in the world,” he continued. “Now you don’t see any of those people protesting, do you? At all. I think in Italy they’re doing the same thing. You don’t see those protests any more, do ya? Pretty crazy.”

It appears that Tito Ortiz believes the Coronavirus was created to shut down protests. Watch his full explanation below (via Borrachinha Depot).

This comment represents a bit of 180 for Ortiz. Last week, he called the virus “hype” and believed it would be over by the end of April.

“Do I think it’s hype? Yeah, I think it’s hype. I think it this will all be over by the end of April,” he said. “This virus only survives in super cold weather and damp areas. So these next few weeks are really important.”

There are plenty of theories and misinformation about Coronavirus floating around on the Internet.

Do you think Tito Ortiz is onto something? Or do you think his outlook belongs in the conspiracy junk-pile?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 3/23/2020.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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