Henry Cejudo releases new rap video “Cringe Ass Henry”

Henry Cejudo, Weili Zhang

Former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo released a new rap video ahead of the Fighters Only awards, “Cringe Ass Henry.”

Cejudo, who retired from mixed martial arts in the prime of his career following a second-round TKO win over Dominick Cruz back at UFC 249, has stayed in the limelight of the public since his retirement. Despite not being an active fighter inside the Octagon any longer, it hasn’t stopped Cejudo from keeping active on social media. Seemingly every week Cejudo posts a meme or calls out a current UFC champion as he has truly embraced the “King of Cringe” moniker ever since he officially stepped away from MMA.

With the Fighters Only awards coming up next weekend, Cejudo was brought in ahead of the awards to film a hilarious rap video titled “Cringe Ass Henry.” Check it out below.

Now, obviously, this video isn’t going to be universally loved. Since Cejudo posted the video on his social media channels, reaction to it as been mixed. There are many fans and fellow fighters who find Cejudo’s latest video hilarious, while others believe that “The King of Cringe” isn’t funny whatsoever. Regardless of what you think about Cejudo’s latest attempt at rapping, you have to give “The Messenger” credit for remaining on the radar of the MMA community despite being retired from the sport.

Cejudo walked away from MMA in the prime of his career, so there are still many fans, media, and fellow fighters who believe he may eventually return to the Octagon, perhaps as early as 2021. Cejudo has been busy calling out UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski for the past six months, and if the UFC offers him that fight, he likely would take it. In the meantime, he will continue to be cringe on social media.

What do you think of this rap video from Henry Cejudo?

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