The Undertaker believes recent comparisons between Brock Lesnar and Francis Ngannou are justified

By Christopher Taylor - April 10, 2021

Professional wrestling icon The Undertaker believes the recent comparisons between Brock Lesnar and Francis Ngannou are justified.

The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar

‘The Beast’ and ‘The Dead Man’ are very familiar with one another given their time spent working together under the World Wrestling Entertainment banner.

The Undertaker is an avid fight fan and was in attendance on multiple occasions to see Brock Lesnar compete in the UFC.

Lesnar (5-3 MMA, 1 no-contest) of course took the mixed martial arts world by storm in 2008 when he made his debut with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Brock would fight Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight title that same year after, this just two bouts with the promotion, and ended up emerging victorious by way of second round TKO.

‘The Beast’ would then go to defend his “baddest man on the planet” title on two occasions, scoring stoppage wins over Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.

Brock Lesnar would ultimately surrendered the UFC’s heavyweight crown to Cain Velasquez at UFC 141, a fight which The Undertaker took in front row.

Most recently it was Francis Ngannou to earn “baddest man on the planet” status, this after he got his revenge on Stipe Miocic last month on pay-per-view.

Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic

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Immediately following his title-earning victory at UFC 260, Francis Ngannou drew comparisons to the aforementioned former heavyweight kingpin Brock Lesnar.

For The Undertaker, the recent comparisons made between ‘The Predator’ and ‘The Beast’ are definitely justified.

The wrestling legend shared his thoughts on the matter during a recent interview with Sports Nation:

“I think they are legitimate,” The Undertaker said of the recent Lesnar-Ngannou comparisons. “I mean you can just tell that Ngannou… There’s a switch that kind of flipped. Somewhere along these past couple of years and he is just, I mean look at his size and strength. The way he knocks people out. The damage he does. You know and they way everything is reported, with all the different things, he kind of gets this mythical, you know this mythical stature about him. You know, just like when Mike Tyson was smashing people. Like people were beat before they ever took the first punch. I remember watching Frank Bruno walk to the ring against Tyson. You could tell, he was terrified. And well he should be.”

The Undertaker continued to explain why the Brock Lesnar – Francis Ngannou comparisons are justified.

“And with Lesnar, you know, he was just a legitimate beast. Because your mind would see somebody that big and you can’t imagine how fast of a human being he is. You know he walked around at what, 290? You know he had to cut weight to make 264, but your mind says there is no way he can be that fast. You know, he shoots like a 190-pound guy. And then when he gets a hold of you, he’s so strong, so I can definitely see the comparisons. I just think Ngannou has that fear for when he hits you. He will just take your head right off, so that is kind of the narrative now that is being told. So all of that kind of build up, and Brock got the same sort of build up, so there’s many comparisons I see there. Hell you throw enough money Brock’s way, he will fight him I bet. You know Brock is a business man. You put the right money in front of him and he will probably be open to anything.”

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