The CA Legislative Women’s Caucus demand that parent company Endeavour removes Dana White as UFC President

By Lewis Simpson - January 10, 2023

Since the new year began, UFC President Dana White has been doing the rounds in the media for all the wrong reasons.

Dana White

While in a nightclub in Cabo, White was spotted slapping his wife Anne in footage released by TMZ. White has since taken accountability for his actions, labelling it as “embarrassing”. His wife has also made a statement revealing it’s “out of character” from the UFC boss.

Amidst running the UFC, White was preparing to launch his new project in the Power Slap league. The league is set to air later this month on TBS.

Many are left annoyed and frustrated with Endeavour, the parent company of the UFC, as they have not addressed the issue or announced any punishment that will be handed to White.

Due to White facing no consequences for his actions, California Legislative Women’s Caucus have written to Endeavor to call for the UFC boss to be axed from his duties.

California Legislative Women’s Caucus send letter regarding to Dana White

See a glimpse of the letter below:

Every day that Mr. White’s actions go unaccounted for, your silence becomes more piercing and troubling. At this point, thousands of young men, women, and adults worldwide have seen the video of Mr. White striking his wife. We have also seen his apology. What we have not seen is any consequences for his actions.

The head of a major sporting organization cannot claim to be for the safety of women while a video of him striking his wife continues to circulate online without a response from you. The hypocrisy is astounding. Enough is enough. It is time to remove Mr. White from his leadership role, to allow him and his partner to get the help they need while reminding the world of what Endeavor stands for and that violence against women is not a conduct that you condone.

Read the full letter here.

In the past, White has ridiculed fighters on his roster for conducting domestic violence. The boss once said: “You don’t bounce back from hitting a woman”. Time will tell if White recovers from the incident.


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