Tanner Boser fires back at fans who accuse Nick Diaz of only showing up for a paycheck

Photo courtesy UFC

UFC heavyweight contender Tanner Boser fired back at the fans who accused legendary fighter Nick Diaz of only showing up for a paycheck.

Diaz returned from a six-year layoff to take on Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 on Saturday night. Ahead of the fight, Diaz requested the fight to take place at middleweight, and then he showed up to his pre-fight interviews in somewhat rough shape. Although Diaz ended up putting on a solid fight against Lawler, he was stopped by his rival in the third round with punches. Given that he essentially waved off the fight and also the fact that he showed up heavier than expected, some fans have suggested that Diaz only showed up this week for a paycheck and that he never had any intention of actually winning the fight.

Boser, however, disagrees. In response to the fans who suggested that Diaz only showed up for a paycheck and that he should retire now, Boser shot back at them, saying that Diaz is far from the only person in the world who doesn’t absolutely love what they do for work.

Know what take I f*ckin hate? “He’s only doing it for the paycheck these days. Time to hang em up”. Sorry guys, I forgot you all do your jobs purely out of burning passion for your work and an undying sense of purpose.

It’s certainly a fair point made by Boser. Although some fans feel like Diaz doesn’t care, the truth is, there are probably many fighters who feel the same way that he does regarding his love/hate relationship with fighting. Like Boser said, just because someone doesn’t have a burning desire to do what they do for work doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be doing it.

Do you agree with the points Tanner Boser made about Nick Diaz?

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