Alexander Volkanovski reacts to “weird tweets” made by Conor McGregor during UFC 266: “I’m gonna be on the piss, maybe you’ll see some weird f*ckin tweets from me too.”

Alexander Volkanovski
Image: UFC on Instagram

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski reacted to “weird tweets” made by former 145lbs champ Conor McGregor during UFC 266.

Volkanovski defeated Brian Ortega via unanimous decision to defend the UFC featherweight title in the main event of Saturday’s UFC 266 pay-per-view card. During the fight, McGregor made several tweets about Volkanovski, and they weren’t exactly flattering, though he did congratulate the Aussie on the victory. Either way, McGregor was going after Volkanovski and the champ wasn’t exactly thrilled with what the Irishman said, although the champ believes the reason McGregor tweeted out what he did is that he was drunk.

Speaking to reporters following UFC 266, Volkanovski suggested that McGregor’s comments made it sound like he was drinking alcohol and that he’s not worried about what he said about him. It’s possible that McGregor was upset that the broadcast called Jose Aldo and Max Holloway the top-two featherweights of all time and that led to him going off on Volkanovski. Either way, the champ just thinks that the Irishman has been drinking too much, and if he had that much to drink himself, then maybe he’d have “weird” tweets, too.

“I heard about (the tweets). Sounded like he was on the piss. Good for him, so am I, I will be too,” Volkanovski said. “(The tweets said) something about sharting or fighting. It didn’t really make sense. It’s Conor, man. Conor doing Conor things. I don’t know if he wants to come back down to 145lbs, obviously, that will never happen. That would have stung him a little bit (referring Jose Aldo and Max Holloway as the two greatest featherweights), especially while he’s on the piss, you know? Anyways, I’m gonna be on the piss, maybe you’ll see some weird f*cking tweets from me too. We’ll see what happens.”

What did you make of the tweets that Conor McGregor sent to Alexander Volkanovski during UFC 266?

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