Stephen Thompson makes prediction for McGregor vs. Poirier rematch

By Tom Taylor - November 18, 2020

UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson has made his prediction for the hotly anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

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McGregor and Poirier first met in the featherweight division in 2014, with McGregor winning by first-round knockout. Since then, both men have achieved significant feats in the lightweight division, which has led them to a rematch.

The rematch isn’t yet official, but is widely expected to headline the UFC 247 card on January 23. Thompson, like many members of the MMA community, is looking forward to watching it, and as an extremely experienced fighter, is well-positioned to weigh in on its outcome.

Speaking on Submission Radio, he did just that, predicting that McGregor will once again come out on top.

“Dustin Poirier has improved a lot, but whenever Conor McGregor steps out there, he has this way with people of getting into their heads and making this fight so hyped,” Thompson said. “I mean, if you’ve got to go out there and face Conor McGregor, it’s gonna be a hyped fight, but he’s got a way with people and a way with words, his demeanour, not just his fighting style. That gets to people. You see it every time. The only person that I really didn’t see it get to was Nate Diaz. Of course, that guy just don’t care two craps about what you think.

“I think Conor can definitely get it done again this time,” Thompson added. “Dustin Poirier has made some improvements, but the thing, is even though we haven’t seen Conor McGregor fight in a while, the guy’s a lifelong mixed martial artist. The guy’s training constantly, always in the gym, always training with people. So, you know he’s improved as well. So, at this point, I think Conor McGregor takes it home again.”

What do you think of this prediction from Stephen Thompson?

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