Chael Sonnen trashes Jon Jones amid renewed Daniel Cormier beef

By Tom Taylor - November 18, 2020

Chael Sonnen absolutely trashed Jon Jones after the former light heavyweight champion dragged him into his renewed beef with Daniel Cormier on Wednesday.

Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen

Jones and Cormier, two of the fiercest rivals in MMA history, have been jawing back and forth on Twitter for days. Unsurprisingly, Cormier ultimately pointed the finger at Jones over his previously issues with the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Jones responded to those comments from Cormier by pointing the fact that Sonnen has previously failed drug tests, but still lost many fights.

“Ask any steroid user you know if they would be able to win fights in the UFC for over a decade,” Jones wrote after Cormier brought up his previous drug-testing issues. “Ask them if they could out wrestle Olympians.”

“How about our good buddy Chael a known steroid user, how did that work out for him?” Jones added in a follow-up Tweet, targeting Sonnen.

It did not take long for Sonnen to respond to this comment from Jones, and he did not hold back when he did so, accusing Jones of scripting some of his more commendable moments outside the cage.

“Pipe down,” Sonnen responded to Jones. “Adults are talking.

“Your assessment of me is as unconnected w/reality as your ‘Jon gives moral guidance to the rioters’ and ‘Jon ‘ShotGun’ Jones chases down Burglar’ home movies,” Sonnen added. “Get better writers.

“And…Have somebody play you in your fake clips,” Sonnen wrote, wrapping up his response to Jones. “You’re as bad at acting as you are at lying to Cops.”

What do you think of this war of words between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen?

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