Shane Burgos describes what Edson Barboza KO at UFC 262 felt like: “It was like somebody turning the volume down on the power button on my legs”

By Adam D Martin - May 26, 2021

UFC featherweight contender Shane Burgos described what getting knocked out by Edson Barboza in bizarre fashion at UFC 262 felt like.


The UFC 262 “Fight of the Night” was an absolute war between Burgos and Barboza for as long as it lasted. The first two rounds were competitive, with Barboza having the slight edge heading into the third round, but Burgos was still live in the fight. However, a Barboza overhand right that connected with Burgos early in the third round sent “Hurricane” crumbling to the floor in a bizarre delayed-reaction knockout that was very concerning to watch. UFC president Dana White was worried something bad had happened to Burgos and the UFC sent him to the hospital right away, though Burgos later said that he felt fine.

Speaking to Mike Heck of, Burgos described what it felt like getting knocked out by Barboza.

“The weirdest part is I remember everything which is something everyone is surprised about. I don’t have any loss of memory when it comes to that. So we’re fighting, I threw the jab, I bring it back to my head and he threw a f*ckin fast overhand right, and I didn’t even see it. It was like, boom, hit me and I was like [still moving around] but I thought, this is weird. It felt like my vision was slowly coming to a tunnel vision, my legs were getting slowly turned off. It was like somebody turning the volume down on the power button on my legs. I was bouncing and dipping down, and when I was dipping down I was trying to come back up fully, and I was slowly getting lower. I’m like, I can’t stand the f*ck up, what the f*ck is going on?” Burgos said.

“Literally, as soon as the fight ended, as soon as the referee stopped the fight — and I definitely went out for a second, I remember waking up being like what the f*ck — I looked up at the ref and was like, you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me. I knew the fight was over and that he caught me with something. I remember laughing in the moment because I was in complete disbelief where I really felt like it was going my way. Like, are you kidding me? It was just a weird feeling, it really was.”

What do you think is next for Shane Burgos after getting knocked out by Edson Barboza at UFC 262?

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