Sean Strickland responds after being dubbed a “psychopath” by Sean O’Malley

By Christopher Taylor - December 10, 2021

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland has responded after after being dubbed a “psychopath” by bantamweight Sean O’Malley.

Sean O'Malley, UFC

Strickland (24-3 MMA) was slated to compete against former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold last month at UFC 268. Unfortunately for fight fans, ‘Rocky’ was forced to pullout of the contest due to injury and Sean was removed from the card.

While awaiting his next assignment against Jack Hermansson, Sean Strickland has kept himself in the headlines by sharing some disturbing posts on social media. In addition to discussing his past as a neo-Nazi, the 30-year-old also released a video suggesting he wanted “to do some weird sh*t” to UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad.

Sean Strickland, UFC

Sean Strickland

For UFC bantamweight standout Sean O’Malley, Strickland’s checkered past along with his hot temper is reason enough to avoid him at all costs.

‘Suga’, who returns to action at tomorrow night’s UFC 269 event, shared his thoughts on Strickland during his podcast.

“Oh, I can’t get on the Sean Strickland card. I am scared that he might f*cking murder me. Like actually, I probably would not want to be around that dude. He kind of seems like a f*cking freak and psychopath. Like if he had a chance to kill someone, he probably would do it. So it’s like I wouldn’t even want to fight on that motherf*cker’s card. He’d be like: ‘I cannot have two Seans on this card’ [robotic voice],” O’Malley said.

Strickland clearly caught wind of O’Malley’s remarks, as he proceeded to take aim at ‘Suga’ this afternoon on Twitter.

@SugaSeanMMA woke up one day and said “you know that guy who snitched on all his friends, did something shady with minor, yeah that guy I want him to tattoo his name on me” lol!! You know @SugaSeanMMA walks around holding his pocket lol!!!!” – Sean Strickland tweeted at Sean O’Malley.

As the old saying goes – sometimes if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.