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Video | Sean Strickland extends disturbing offer to Belal Muhammad: “I want to do some weird sh*t to you man”

The war of words between Sean Strickland and Belal Muhammad reached new heights today with the middleweight issuing a disturbing message.

The pairs beef started shortly after news broke that Strickland’s slated UFC 268 opponent, former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, had to pullout of the November pay-per-view event due to injury.

UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad offered to step up a weight class and fill the void, but Sean Strickland quickly rejected the notion. After some verbal joisting, Strickland threated to “backhand” Muhammad the next time he saw him in public.

‘Remember The Name’ responded by dubbing the streaking UFC middleweight as a clown.

“After that last fight, ‘Oh man, I’m a bad boy. I want to kill somebody in the cage. I want to be the first person to murder someone. Blah blah blah. I don’t care about titles. I’m an airhead, I’m a moron.’ Now it’s like, ‘I only want to fight ranked guys that are above me that are going to get me closer to the title shot. And if it’s possible, can I fight in my hometown?’ I know you’ve got that fake persona. You’re soft,” Muhammad said.

Those comments clearly struck a nerve with Sean Strickland, who proceeded to responded to Belal Muhammad with the following disturbing comments on social media (via @Tranracialangel):

“Belal Muhammad, you need to know something man. The UFC will never let us fight unless I get f*cked up or if you come to middleweight and get ranked. And honestly man I will give you an offer because I f*cking like you dude. I think you’re f*cking funny. I laugh at your Instagram post. I think it’s hilarious.” Sean Strickland said. “But I want to make you an offer. We can go… You’re going to be in Vegas next week. Me and you, we can meet up in the desert dude and we can just do some weird sh*t together due. Because it’s like, this is something that I’ve always fantasized about you know? And you are like a gazelle that wants to be a lion and you’re accepting what I want to do to you. And like dude, I want to do some weird sh*t to you man. Like oh man. It’s just so exciting that you’re just so ok with me doing it. Like there’s some things I’ve fantasized about for a long time and I feel like you’re going to let me do it to you.”

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