Sean O’Malley understands why the UFC wouldn’t agree to Francis Ngannou’s sponsorship request: “You give him a little bit and then you got to give this guy a little bit”

By Harry Kettle - January 25, 2023

Sean O’Malley has given his thoughts on Francis Ngannou not being allowed to have his own in-cage sponsors by the UFC.

Francis Ngannou

Earlier this month, Francis Ngannou was released by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It came at the end of a negotiating period in which ‘The Predator’ listed a series of things he wanted.

However, he didn’t just want them for him – he wanted them for the entire roster.

Ngannou has made it known that it isn’t all about money with him. Given that he reportedly turned down up to $8 million to fight Jon Jones, we’d say it’s tough to argue with that.

Still, many fighters have come out and questioned the direction that Ngannou went in. During a recent interview, Sean O’Malley spoke about his desire to get in-cage sponsors and health insurance.

“Yeah, that’s a tough, tough, tough, tough-ity, tough, tough one. You give him a little bit and then you got to give this guy a little bit then ‘Sugar Show’ [himself] is a f**king triple champ and he wants to f**king walk out with a b**er, you know what I mean?”

O’Malley questions Ngannou

“I used the UFC’s insurance like after a fight. If something hurts, I go get an MRI or an X-ray or some s**t.”

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The opinions of other fighters are always going to be split. After all, nobody wants to annoy the boss, especially after the year he’s already had.

Either way, though, it feels like Ngannou did what he felt was best for him, and it’s hard to knock that.

Do you agree with Sean O’Malley regarding Francis Ngannou’s dispute with the UFC? Will we ever see Francis return to the promotion? What will he decide to do next in his career? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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