Francis Ngannou opens up on UFC departure, says he turned down around $8 million to fight Jon Jones: “They control the narrative”

By Lewis Simpson - January 17, 2023

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has opened up on his departure from the UFC.

Francis Ngannou

On Saturday, UFC President Dana White announced that Ngannou had been stripped of his heavyweight title and released from the company after failing to agree on the terms of a new contract.

On Tuesday, the Cameroon superstar appeared on a special episode of The MMA Hour, completely dedicated to him revealing his side of the story. The 36-year-old quickly disclosed he was offered around $8 million to fight Jon Jon Jones at UFC 285, the exact figure Brock Lesnar made at UFC 200.

Ngannou voiced that he attempted to negotiate health insurance, sponsorships, and other benefits for all fighters on the UFC roster. However, the company wouldn’t comply.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou talks UFC release

The 36-year-old seemed content with the situation after doing everything he could to come to a fair agreement with the UFC and has no regrets about how recent events have unfolded.


“I knew it would happen at some point but I have no stress, I feel very good about it and I know that I did everything right and I have no regrets. If I had to do it again, I would do the same thing. The last time I spoke to them was last Tuesday, they tried one more time and I couldn’t say yes. It was just a matter of principle and at that time I knew this was it.

“They didn’t say on the phone that this would happen, but I knew this was coming. I didn’t do anything wrong. It doesn’t matter what happens. I really hoped for this to work out and wished we could find a way for this to work out. I always see myself in the UFC, I never envisioned myself outside of the UFC. I was willing to compromise over and over but I got to the point where I just said, ‘guys give me a break’.

“I guess money was a part of it but it wasn’t all about money. They don’t talk about what the negotiation was about. They just talked about the money to make it the biggest heavyweight contract in history, they control the narrative, but I wish it could have worked out. It was a three-fight deal, I asked for the three but no extension. One was Jon Jones, Stipe then a rematch with Jon Jones.” Ngannou told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Ngannou wants to be in control of his own destiny

For Ngannou, it was all about gaining respect and not being controlled by anyone other than himself.

“I need some respect. More respect at least. I need some freedom. I need to feel like a man. Control my destiny. Decide what I’m going to do.”

Now listed on the market as a free agent, Ngannou is expected to receive several offers from several organizations, such as PFL, Bellator and BKFC.

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