Sean O’Malley reacts to Dana White’s Power Slap League: “This has the recipe for disaster / entertainment”

By Susan Cox - January 19, 2023

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley is reacting to Dana White’s Power Slap League.

Sean O'Malley, UFC, Aljamain Sterling

The Power Slap League made it’s TV debut last night, January 18th. The UFC claims it’s ‘the biggest slap competition of all time’ and was held inside the UFC’s APEX Center in Las Vegas.

Prior to the debut, ‘Sugar’ gave his thoughts on the new venture, taking to YouTube, he proclaimed it was a ‘recipe for disaster’:

“Literally this is a recipe for disaster/entertainment. I’m gonna give 16 guys that slap each other in the face, that want to become famous, that want to become popular. Put them in a f**king house – a pretty nice house. Give them free alcohol, free food and you can’t do anything for 6 weeks.”

“That’s f**ked.”

When asked about the mini trailer, O’Malley responded:

“Looks like the Ultimate Fighter only crazier. You don’t have to make weight. You don’t have to be in shape. You can get f**ked up and perform. It will probably for sure effect your performance.”

Yes, there is a cast house for the show (similar to The Ultimate Fighter) and there will be Power Slap rankings. Judges will determine a winner or will determine if the competitor can or cannot continue after being knocked down after a certain number of rounds.

The judges will also use the 10-point system popular in MMA and boxing (10-9, 10-8). There will be a fair weight discrepancy, mouth guards and earplugs are required plus there will be enforced fouls.

According to the rules, the initial slap is decided by a coin toss prior to the competition, and the striker will slap with open hands in each round. The striker gets 30 seconds to slap after which there is a 30-second recovery time, and these all go through the three rounds.

The debut of the Power Slap League was originally scheduled for January 11th but got pushed back after there was a physical altercation between UFC President Dana White and his wife Anna on New Year’s Eve. Yes, slapping was involved and TMZ released a video of the incident.

Do you agree with Sean O’Malley’s comments that the new venture is a ‘recipe for disaster’? Did you watch last night? What do you think of the new Power Slap League?

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