Pat Barry says Sean Strickland’s recent comments could’ve led to Rose Namajunas’ loss: “It’s causing her to get into the fight and be emotional”

By Josh Evanoff - May 11, 2022

Pat Barry has touched on Sean Strickland’s recent comments about his relationship with Rose Namajunas.

Sean Strickland, Pat Barry, Rose Namajunas, UFC

Last month, the UFC middleweight contender went after Barry and Namajunas, among other MMA couples. Strickland alleged that the former UFC heavyweight contender is a groomer. The main reason is that Barry was much older when he met Namajunas, and it’s been alleged that she was a minor when they began dating.

Sean Strickland’s comments are from a new thing in the MMA community. The relationship between Barry and Namajunas has been controversial for years. The former heavyweight decided to give his thoughts on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

Pat Barry alleged that the whole situation was misunderstood in response to Strickland. The 42-year-old said that the origin of the grooming allegations came from a misconstrued interview years ago. He also opined that the comments from the middleweight could’ve played a role in Rose Namajunas’ loss to Carla Esparza last weekend.

Rose Namajunas

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“This whole Sean Strickland thing that is all over the place everywhere. Years ago, Rose did an interview and said ‘I joined Rufussport when I was 14 years ago, and then I left Rufussport for a few years. Then I came back to Rufussport, to pursue my MMA career, and that’s where I met my fiancee Pat Barry’. When the guy wrote the interview up, he wrote ‘Rose Namajunas joined Rufussport when she was 14 years old where she met her fiance Pat Barry, when she was 14 years old’.

Pat Barry continued, “That’s where everyone is getting this s*it from, a botched interview. That’s where everyone is getting all that from because someone decided to write it that way. It must’ve seemed credible and they just run with it. It’s those types of things everywhere that cause Rose to get into the fight with Carla, and be emotional.”

What do you think about Pat Barry’s comments about his relationship with Rose Namajunas?