Paddy Pimblett blasts TJ Dillashaw after his recent comments: “Not as sensitive as ur body to that EPO when u cheated”

By Cole Shelton - June 2, 2022

Paddy Pimblett has fired right back at TJ Dillashaw.

Paddy Pimblett

Recently, the former bantamweight champ in Dillashaw did an interview where he was asked about Pimblett and he wasn’t high on him. He claimed the Brit would never be a UFC champion due to him getting fat outside of camps.

“He’s just loving diabetes,” Dillashaw said on “The Schaub Show.” “That’s like a recipe for destroying your body. I guess there’s one thing when I look at it: They can promote him the right way and do all this good stuff, and he’s got some stuff to grow and get into the higher echelons of the UFC, but if you keep that same work ethic that he has now, he’ll never be a champion.”

After those comments, Pimblett and Dillashaw then had a back-and-forth on social media criticizing one another.

Is this fella messin @TJDillashaw used to sell tee shirts with his fat face on it saying “fat Tyler” on when he came out of camp don’t forget ur own past u sausage  Cheating little juice head wud never have won a belt without them steroids u f*****g mushroom,” Pimblett tweeted.

Dillashaw then took to Instagram to respond to those comments and claimed he wasn’t trying to be mean.

“Wasn’t even trying to be mean. @theufcbaddy getting all sensitive, must be a tasty subject. Drop the donuts and take the advice. The only difference of fat Tyler is that it was a joke lol. What’s not a joke is you getting diabetes. Let’s see how you look after 11 years in the UFC, good luck lasting that long,” Dillashaw wrote about Pimblett.

Although TJ Dillashaw said he wasn’t trying to be mean, Paddy Pimblett once again took to Twitter to rip the former champ for taking EPO and tainting his legacy.

“Not as sensitive as ur body to that EPO when u cheated. still didnt win what an embarrassment u are I’ll still be here in 11 years if I haven’t already retired with a proper legacy not tainted like urs & also a lot more money in my pocket than you’ve ever earned night son,” Pimblett added.

After this recent tweet, it seems the feud between Pimblett and Dillashaw doesn’t seem to die anytime soon. As for their fighting careers, Pimblett will face Jordan Leavitt at UFC London next while Dillashaw will likely face Aljamain Sterling.

What do you make of Paddy Pimblett ripping TJ Dillashaw?

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