Michael Bisping shares theory as to why Conor McGregor has been lashing out on social media

By Adam D Martin - September 8, 2021

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping shared his theory as to why Conor McGregor has been lashing out as of late on social media.


Bisping is one of the UFC’s top analysts, and one of the reasons he is one of the best is because he himself has lived the highs and lows of an MMA fighter’s life. For McGregor, while his entire career has arguably been a high point just because of how much money he’s made, but from a fighting point of view, he’s hit a low recently due to losing back-to-back fights to Dustin Poirier via TKO. The two losses have led McGregor to become angry and he has lashed out on social media as of late against Poirier and his other rivals.

Bisping knows what a fighter goes through, and he believes he knows why McGregor has been lashing out on social media, although he is not making any sort of excuses for him.

“For (Conor), right now, that’s the best way he can deal with losing these fights. I’m not making excuses for him, far from it, because I was at the receiving end of some of his bullsh*t recently as well. But I think for him to still believe — and I don’t have a relationship with him, we used to be somewhat friendly, we don’t talk anymore, so I’m not speaking from experience or anything like that, just speaking in general as a fighter — he has to believe in his mind that fight was competitive,” Bisping told MMAFighting.com.

“He has to believe in his mind that he was going to turn it around in the second round if the leg hadn’t got broken. Because if he doesn’t do that, if he accepts ‘I was getting my ass kicked and I probably would have been finished,’ then it’s a chink in the armor. It’s starting to accept that I’m not one of the best in the world.”

Do you agree with the theory Michael Bisping shared regarding Conor McGregor lashing out on social media?

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