Dana White shares his take on the current state of America: “I believe that this country is a f*cking mess right now”

PhotoCred: Drake Riggs

UFC president Dana White shared his take on the current state of America, saying “I believe that this country is a f*cking mess right now.”

White’s good friend Donald Trump finished up his stint as the president of the United States earlier this year and he was replaced in office by Joe Biden. It’s been a hard two years for everyone around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but according to White, the United States is in really bad shape right now, and he went on a rant in his recent interview with former UFC heavyweight Travis Browne (h/t Jed I. Goodman for quotes).

“I believe that this country is a f*cking mess right now. And there’s never been a time where there’s more opportunity than there is right now. You got people that aren’t going back to fucking work cause they are living off the government.  You’ve got businesses that got destroyed that have been around forever through this pandemic. Now is not a time to sit back and collect checks from anybody, unless, it’s you know, you’re working or whatever. Now’s the time to get out there and go after whatever,” Dana White said. “Whatever your f*cking dream is. Whatever your goal is, there’s never been a better opportunity than right now. Right now is the time that you run over all these f*cking guys that are sitting around crying and whining and bitching about their life. Now’s the time. I don’t know if there’s ever gonna be a time like this again in our lifetime.”

There are certainly some interesting comments from White. Some might agree with them but others might not, but the UFC president wasn’t afraid to give his opinion on the matter.

Do you agree with what Dana White said about the current state of America?

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