Michael Bisping shares his thoughts on Colby Covington’s persona: “If he is acting, then give the man a f*cking Oscar”

By Susan Cox - January 13, 2022

Colby Covington (16-4 MMA) and Jorge Masvidal (35-15 MMA) trained together at American Top Team for eight years.

Jorge Masvidal, Michael Bisping

Yes the two fighters sparred together, lived together and shared a brotherhood between them.

Apparently that same brotherhood has turned into a rivalry between the two and Bisping doesn’t believe its manufactured or an ‘act’.

“Everyone that you speak to, by the way, says, ‘No, listen, Colby is a really good dude,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel (h/t MMAJunkie). “He’s just selling fights. He’s putting on a persona. And maybe that’s true. If he’s doing it, if he is acting, then give the man a f*cking Oscar because he is acting his socks off each and every time.”

Colby has taken aim at Masvidal’s personal life and by doing so Bisping finds it tough to believe it’s just an ‘act’.

“This stuff, going after Masvidal’s ex-wife, calling him a bad father and stuff like that, I don’t think that’s playing a part” Bisping said. “I mean listen, any time two guys know each other, when they used to live with one another like they did, they know a lot of personal stuff about one another and then that’s when the rivalry or the hatred, for want of a better word, can get real thick.”

Whether you believe it’s an act or a genuine rivalry, Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal will headline UFC 272 in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 5th. This may be a way of finally settling their differences and what better way than meeting head on in the Octagon.

Do you believe the rivalry between Colby and Jorge is in fact real? Or is it just a way of getting fans wound up thus creating excitement for their upcoming bout? Share your thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!

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