Michael Bisping explains how the introduction of a cruiserweight division would benefit numerous UFC fighters

Michael Bisping, Super Bowl
Image via @mikebising on Instagram (photographer not listed)

UFC legend Michael Bisping has explained why adding a cruiserweight division to the promotion could help multiple fighters.

“The Count” is well known for his iconic run with the UFC that crossed over from light heavyweight to middleweight. Eventually, Bisping was able to rise up and capture the 185-pound title.

One conversation that’s always been present amongst UFC fans is the need for extra weight classes. However, instead of the 165-pound suggestion that’s usually thrown around, Bisping recently had a different idea when speaking to MMA Junkie.

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“I just wish everyone would move up a weight class and (the UFC) bring in a cruiserweight division,” Bisping explained. “The UFC have done a very good job of running an organization without me involved, but in my humble opinion, in boxing they have the cruiserweight – a 220 division.

“That way all the heavyweights can stay at heavyweight, light heavyweights move to cruiserweight, and then welterweights fight at middleweight, middleweights fight at light heavy, because that’s essentially what everyone does. I used to be a light heavyweight, but I started cutting weight and fighting at middleweight.”

“It’s damaging to the fighter preparation because the camp becomes an obsession with making weight,” Bisping said. “And it shouldn’t be about that. It should be about training for your opponent. Your battle isn’t the scale.

“You also see people get tired in their fights from the weight cut, not everybody, but you see people slowing down in the third or second round. You can’t take punches as well. I know for a fact when I was cutting weight I couldn’t take a shot that well as I could at light heavyweight. If everyone just moved up a bit, but still it’s not that simple because there’s no one to monitor that. You (fighters) need to quit being pussies and fight at your normal weight class.”

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Quotes courtesy of MMA Junkie

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