Luke Rockhold responds to Michael Bisping’s invitation to squash beef

By Tom Taylor - April 29, 2020

Luke Rockhold seems to have accepted Michael Bisping’s invitation to squash their beef and share a beer one day.

Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping

At one point, Bisping and Rockhold were two of the most bitter rivals in MMA. The pair went 1-1 across two bouts, with Rockhold winning the first by submission and Bisping winning the second — a short-notice title opportunity — by knockout. In the lead-up to and fallout of these bouts, the pair exchanged tons of trash talk and clearly got under each other’s skin.

Despite their previously rivalry, Bisping recently attempted to bury the hatchet. 

“Me and Luke Rockhold, I mean, listen, the guy’s still a bit of a tit, isn’t he?” Bisping said on Submission Radio. “Let’s be honest. But I will say this, Daniel Cormier, ‘DC’ is a great guy, I’ve got a tone of respect for that man, and he’s like best mates with Luke Rockhold. So, I guess Luke Rockhold can’t be that bad, otherwise DC couldn’t be friends with him. So, I think if we met under different circumstances, who knows, we could be going surfing together. Not that I surf, but you know what I’m saying.

“Yeah, I don’t give a shit, mate,” Bisping added. “I don’t hold grudges against anybody. Well, there’s a couple of people back in England that if I get my hands on then I’ll wring their necks, but other than that, there’s nobody professional. Listen, those days are behind me now. I have no ill will. I wish everybody the best. I don’t have any grudges, and yeah, I’d happily share a beer with Rockhold.”

Speaking during his own appearance on Submission Radio, Rockhold responded to this comment from Bisping. He agreed that bygones are bygones and seemed open to the idea of sharing a beer someday in the future.

“Sometimes you gotta let things go, and I can’t say I would be opposed,” Rockhold said. “The past is the past and the story has been told and it’s time to move forward.

“You gotta let it go. You gotta let it go, you gotta move on. Life is life and the story was told, and the there’s more to tell. Cheers. Cheers to that.”

Are you surprised Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping have decided to bury the hatchet?

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