Kamaru Usman shoves Colby Covington in faceoff after heated press conference (Video)

By Cole Shelton - November 4, 2021

Kamaru Usman shoved Colby Covington at the conclusion of the UFC 268 press conference which saw both of them get heated.

Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington

Usman and Covington have a heated rivalry as the two generally do not like one another. Their first encounter at UFC 245 was heated and the fight exceeded expectations. Now, ahead of UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden the two rivals picked up where they left off and after the press conference, Usman shoved Covington in their faceoff.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see the two get heated in their faceoff. However, what is surprising is the fact Usman pushed Covington as he has said all week Covington is not in his head and he doesn’t care what he says. But, perhaps this shove proves that isn’t the case.

Although Kamaru Usman did shove Covington, it only adds to the fight which he says will be a flawless performance.

“For me, the wrong that I want to right is in that fight, I fought with emotion. As much emotion I was willing to display is what I fought with, which is why I think I got hit quite a bit, but it was fun. I had fun,” Usman said at UFC 268 media day. “That lets you know that I got a little mad man in me too. I don’t mind getting hit… I want to make it a little bit more flawless this time around.”

Colby Covington, meanwhile, has also guaranteed a stoppage win over Usman at UFC 268 so the fans will be in for a treat.

“We are in NYC about to get that belt. What’s up baby you can’t stop us,” Covington said on the first episode of UFC embedded. “We just landed in New York City from the great state of Florida and the great city of the 305, Miami. We are out here to come get a UFC world title. What’s driving me is revenge. He doesn’t want to be here. If it wasn’t for the UFC forcing his hand telling him ‘hey if you don’t fight Colby we’ll strip you and move on,’ he wouldn’t be here. He was looking for any way to avoid fighting me. It’s a great feeling for this to be in New York City. They say the city never sleeps but hopefully, they’ll make an exception Saturday night because I’m putting Marty to sleep in Madison Square Garden.”

What do you make of Kamaru Usman shoving Colby Covington?

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