Justin Gaethje explains why he thinks Charles Oliveira is not the best lightweight in the UFC: ‘He still has quit’

By Cole Shelton - October 11, 2021

Justin Gaethje doesn’t think Charles Oliveira is the best lightweight in the UFC, despite being the champion.

Justin Gaethje

Oliveira won the vacant lightweight title at UFC 262 as he knocked out Michael Chandler in the second round. However, for Gaethje, despite the Brazilian being the champ, “The Highlight” says Oliveira is not the best lightweight.

“My weight class, top-five, I’m going to go, I guess we’ll put Charles Oliveira at the top because he’s the champ, but he’s not the best in this weight class, I can promise you that. He still has quit and it’s not even very deep down, but I’ll put him at one for now,” Gaethje said in a UFC promo video.

When asked what the rest of his top-five would be, Justin Gaethje was quick to fire off his next four.

“Poirier two, me three, Dariush four, Chandler five,” Gaethje added, he then explained why Conor McGregor was not in the top five. “No, Conor has one win in this weight class, ever.”

Although Gaethje ranked Oliveira at number one, The Highlight made it clear the Brazilian is not the best as he knows both he and Poirier are better. After talking it out, he then reworked his top-five to put Oliveira below him despite the Brazilian being the champ.

“Dustin Poirier beat me, I’m not going to put myself above him. I’m better than Charles Oliveira,” Gaethje said. “It goes Dustin Poirier, then me, then Charles Oliveira, then Dariush, and then it goes Chandler. Only me and Poirier know (what happened). He beat me that night but I was out taking pictures all night, I took like a thousand pictures that night after that fight, he was in the hospital and he didn’t move for a month. So, I’m ready to get that one back.”

What do you make of Justin Gaethje’s top-five lightweight rankings?


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