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Julian Marquez shares hateful DMs he received from fight fans following his KO loss at UFC Austin

Julian Marquez has shown fans an example of the hateful direct messages he’s received from fight fans after UFC Austin.

Last Saturday night in Texas, Julian Marquez went out there and put on a real show for the fans in his war with Gregory Rodrigues. Unfortunately for him, he came up on the losing end after being knocked out following one of the wildest first rounds in recent memory.

It was part of a broader card that featured a whole lot of entertainment from top to bottom and even though things didn’t go his way, Marquez should still have been able to leave with his head held high.

Even though his team would’ve been giving him a whole lot of encouragement, the same can’t necessarily be said for mixed martial arts ‘fans’, aka trolls, on social media.

In the following instance, Marquez showed what happens when you attempt to be a keyboard warrior.

“This is part of being a fighter. This kid lost money betting on me and is super upset”

“Can you guys please stop sending threats to Tyler. He obviously didn’t mean it.”

Marquez is a pretty charismatic guy but anyone, and we mean anyone, can be impacted by this kind of abuse. A lot of people within the MMA community need to understand what these fighters give for our entertainment every single day, as opposed to dismissing them when they feel as if they aren’t giving them what they ‘deserve’.

Marquez, we fully believe, will be back, and he’ll be stronger than ever after having to go through this adversity.

What do you think of the abuse received by Julian Marquez following his loss at UFC Austin last weekend? Does more need to be done in order to protect fighters from this level of abuse on social media?

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