Jorge Masvidal says Ben Askren “fu**ing froze” during a recent encounter

By Mike Pendleton - July 4, 2019

Jorge Masvidal has not been shy about his dislike for his upcoming UFC 239 opponent, Ben Askren and now he’s added fuel to that fire. During his media day interviews, Masvidal told reporters on multiple occasions that Askren froze up during a recent encounter between the two.

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Since entering the UFC, Askren has gotten under the skin of many welterweight fighters with comments he’s made about them and his lack of concern in their response. There have been many circumstances that has led to the rivalry between both Askren and Jorge Masvidal, but “Gamebred” told reporters on Thursday that once he confronted Askren, there was no fight about to break out.

In fact, Masvidal said Askren “f***ing froze” when he approached him at the hotel during fight week this week.

“I saw him yesterday actually when no media was around, we were just in the lobby I was doing a photoshoot and he was being his pathetic self walking around and I jumped on him, and he just f**king froze. Then he started talking and walking away, I told him to be a man and come talk to me, and he said he had to use the bathroom. He’s just a f**king coward. When I see him on the fly and we’re face-to-face his behavior is that of which he is, a b**ch, a f**king slut. He looked stiff as a board.”

Jorge Masvidal said this was the first time he had encountered Askren since their fight was made official. There’s been plenty of back-and-forth between both Masvidal and Askren, and they each believe that with a victory at UFC 239 they’ll be inserted into title contention in the welterweight division.

Who do you have winning at UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal or Ben Askren? Do you believe the winner gets the next welterweight title fight?

on 7/4/2019

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